The Effects of Chronic Stress on the Brain

(This post was originally published on LinkedIN on February 15,2018.)

  "What happens when the brain is stressed — not for a few seconds, but year after year? Stress hormones end up swamping our bodies for days, weeks, months. Research shows that cortisol, specifically, chews up the brain if it loiters there long-term.  When lab rats in Israel, Germany, USA, China, and Italy were given daily injections of rat cortisol for several weeks, it killed brain cells in their hippocampus region, leaving them depressed, anxious, fearful, immature, needy, and unable to learn new behaviors (e.g. stuck in the same old “rat race).”

Parents and school leaders: We are making our kids sick. It is time for structural adaptive positive strategies. For the health and well-being of our kids and our communities. 

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